Sunday, December 13, 2009

Party 4 Life 09-10

I hope you are ready for Party 4 Life 09-10, because it is just around the corner.
We are excited about P4L this year because we have some really cool venues. This
year we have the following venues:
Adventure Park cars, golf and much more
Metro Theater 4 movies
KC Bowl Bowling all night
Civic Center Talent show
Koinonia Auditorium BMX stunt Show

Tickets go on sale next week!
Party 4 Life makes a great gift for a friend!
Invite someone to come with you!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Party 4 Life 09-10

Party 4 Life is coming soon!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Behind the scenes!

I would like to thank my wife for making Party 4 Life a huge success.

She did all the behind scenes work from gathering supplies, delivering registration bins, making copies, sending out emails, picking up door prizes, reserving each venue, talked to parents, ticket distribution, setting up each venue, made calls to volunteers, bought wristbands, gathered supplies, helped picked up signs, delivered T Shirts, set up tables for registration, helped raised thousands in sponsorships, met with business owners, gathered supplies for fear factor, coordinated the skateboard travel arrangements, helped organized volunteer meetings, coordinated bus routes, passed out P4L flyers at high schools, distributed over 5,000 P4L fyers to Jr. High schools, distributed flyers to the Hanford Sentinel etc. etc.

I also want to thank all our site coordinators and volunteers because with out you there would be no Party 4 Life. You made a huge impact in our community.

Anthony Costa: Skateboard Show

Aaron Medeiros: Adventure Park

Elena Anzoleaga: KCF Xtreme Zone

Daniel Vargas Jr. KCF Xtreme Zone

John Kuyper: Metro 4

Daniel Vargas: KC Bowl

Mossie Kines: Food, equipment and limo

Keith Prewitt: Security

Jeff Acton: Media

Josh Cordero: Media

Joe and Debbie Cordero: Maintenance and support

Pastoral Staff: Pastor Tim, Pastor Andrew

Support Staff: Kim Hogue, Jona Hackworth, Carol Mc Cain, Sherill Neal, Tanya Littlejohn, Paula Aiton

Prayer/Support: Sandy Nehemth, Jim Childredth, Roger Watson, John and Jenette Sasser, Wes and Joan Champlin, Rene Solis


Paul Wilcox

Huge Success! Thank You

I want to thank all of our sponsors for helping us keep 1,000 students safe for New Year's Eve. We had an awesome time at this New Years's Eve Celebration. We greatly appreciate all our sponsors for keeping teens off the streets and alcohol and drug free during this event. Thank you for your financial support.

FRC Board Shop

Sasser Specialties

Rebekah's Espresso

Vida's Pasta House

Hanford Bible Book Store

Hanford Sentinel

City of Hanford

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We visited the Kings County Fairgrounds today to get the site plan ready and layout the skateboard demo. This building is going to work great. The size will allow for two skateboard teams to be set up throughout the night. The first team are local skateboarders from Hanford that are sponsored by FRC BoardShop. This team will be doing the pre show and giving out door prizes. At each show they students will be able to fill out a form and enter the raffle to win a free skateboard. We talked to the manager of the building and he showed us how to get everything set up for that night. This building has heat and will a great venue. Students can buy their tickets at the door and start the night with the show. Registration will be at 9:00pm and the pre-show is at 9:30pm

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Skateboard Show

I am writing this blog to inform everyone that we have been steadily working on Party 4 Life/Skateboard Show. We have made a change in the location of the Skateboard Show. At first we wanted to have the show at the Civic Center, but after much planning we have decided that the best place for the show will be at the Fairgrounds. We have reserved the building at the Fairgrounds because it is the best place to do it. The floor is right for the skaters and we are not going to have worry about scratching it up. In addition, we were going to rent bleachers for the show and have to haul them over to the Civic. The bleachers that we were going to use were from the Lemoore High School. My wife and I went to measure the bleachers and there is no way that we could get them into the Civic. Looking at the Fairgrounds building we are going to have a better set up for the students and they are going to take care of the bleachers. We thought about maybe doing the show outside of the church building in the parking lot but it is too risky. We have paid good money to bring this team from San Diego and we want everyone to watch it. If we had it outside there could be a good possibly that it might rain or too cold for people to be outside. After much prayer and thinking we have decided to rent the the Fairgrounds. This is going to be an extra cost. We are praying that there will be people in our community that will give to help the teenagers of Kings County. If you would like to give a donation to help us with the skateboard show please email me at

Thursday, November 13, 2008

FRC Board Shop

I met with Joseph the owner of FRC Boardshop today. We talked about the Skateboard show. FRC will be our Exclusive Venue Sponsors for the Civic Center. We are excited about them joining with us today. They have a few guys that will help us get the Party started at 9:00pm. Some of the skaters that FRC sponsors will be doing a Pre-show before BFC starts their show. The BFC Team is on their Hide and SEEK tour and will be with us to help ring in the New Year. This is going to be awesome show! There will be several giveaways and the students will have a chance to win a skateboard and other prizes. We still need volunteers for this venue. If you would like to help make this a successful night please email me at
Paul Wilcox